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Looking after peoples pets when they are ill
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Suffering a health crisis?

Finding it difficult coping with your pet too?

Dog walking • Respite Pet Care • Basic Medical Pet Care • Transport Pets to the Vets • Dog & Cat Grooming
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People And Pets Advocates is a fresh new Not-For-Profit Organisation who are establishing a network of volunteers to support people by sharing the care of their pets during difficult times.

Through a network of volunteers, PAPAS offers free practical help such as dog walking, respite care, fostering, grooming, transporting pets to the vets and administering basic medical care.

We offer an alternative to pet rehoming, abandonment, neglect or even having a loved cat, dog or other pet, put-to-sleep during the owner’s period of ill health; thereby alleviating any distress a pet owner might suffer, enabling them to make a quicker recovery.

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